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You may schedule an appointment online or by calling 881-1887.


Meet our staff...

Melissa Andrews, M.Ac. L.Ac.
Melissa Andrews graduated from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Tucson, where she studied a comprehensive system of traditional Chinese medicine. Melissa is passionate about community acupuncture, having witnessed its ability to transform her own life and the lives of many patients through her work at TCA’s front desk since 2010. Melissa integrates her love of holistic approaches in grounded and effective acupuncture treatments. Melissa has been with TCA for over 4 years and done over 14 thousand treatments.

C Cotter, M.S.O.M. L.Ac.

C is a non-binary person (they/them pronouns) who graduated from Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley CA in 2018. At school they studied a variety of acupuncture modalities, Chinese herbal medicine, and medical Qi Gong. Outside of school, C has studied and practiced medicine making, Western and energetic herbalism, meditation/mindfulness, and the I Ching. They love to spend time in nature, watch the moon, draw, and paint. C is excited to combine their experience with acupuncture and their belief in community healing here at TCA. C has done well over a thousand acupuncture treatments for the community since joining us in 2018, and is well on their way to the stratosphere.

Larry Gatti, M.Ac. L.Ac.
Prior to moving to Ariziona in the summer of 2007, Larry graduated from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City. He co-founded Tucson Community Acupuncture in 2008 and served as a board member for the Community Acupuncture Network. Larry combines Japanese, classical Chinese, French-Vietnamese and modern Western approaches, resulting in an ecclectic, fun and effective approach to acupuncture practice. Larry has done tens of thousands of community acupuncture sessions over the last 12 years.

Brent Thompson, M.Ac. L.Ac.
Brent Thompson is the rockstar of acupuncture. He has been practicing acupuncture for over 8 years. Treating patients comes only after breathing and raising his 3 y/o daughter. He’s done over 15 thousand treatments and hopes to one day be an awakened buddha, but is happy being one with the Universe for now. He’s lived in Tucson for 14 years and is of Minnesota. He loves the community setting, learning what people are passionate about, and believes that patients sharing their path with him is a sacred act. May we all be open, flexible, and kind. Aware and loving. Vulnerable and courageous. Practicing Eternity.

Keith Zabik, M.Ac. L.Ac.
Keith co-founded Tucson Community Acupuncture with Larry in 2008, after earning a Master of Acupuncture degree from the Asian Institute of Medical Studies in 2006. Keith uses a remix of acupuncture strategies to help you get better including Dr Tan's Balance Method and Master Tung's acupuncture. Keith has done tens of thousands of community acupuncture sessions over the last 12 years. He regularly gets beat up in soccer games ( "I zigged when I should have zagged" ), likes to be outdoors, and ponder the wonder of it all.



TCA featured on Arizona Illustrated

Would you like to see the TCA clinic in action? Pam White and the crew from Arizona Illustrated—the local PBS news magazine—came to TCA in January 2009 to film a story about community acupuncture in Tucson. You can watch it online from the Arizona Illustrated website.




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